What's a "clean shot", you ask?

Have you ever wondered if plants could give you superpowers? Wonder no more!

Carly’s is a 60ml Energy Shot filled with clean, no-nonsense ingredients so that you can care for your mind and body, regardless of the situation. Our Focus Blend was invented to enhance your cognitive abilities and keep you sharp and healthy for the long run!


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Carlys Natural Shot Mixed Berry Hibiscus Standard Energy Drink Cup of coffee
energy duration 3-5 hours 3-5 hours 1-5 hours
increased focus Excellent Mild Mild
reduced jitters X X
no artificial sweeteners X
no artificial preservatives X

Here's What We Can Give You:

Citrus Ginger Carly's Energy Shot

On The Go

Formatted to fit in your shoulder bag, hiking backpack or in your fridge, our 60ml bottle is the ideal daily energy companion. Why carry large energy drinks when you can get so much more out of a Carly’s Energy Shot?

Mixed Berry Hibiscus Carly's Energy Shot

Supernatural Powers

Our Carly’s Energy Shot was designed specifically for functionality and great taste. Because we value both your efficiency and taste buds. Our 100% plant-based formula provides you with a powerful combination of three sources of caffeine, vitamins and nutrients with cognitive benefits, prebiotic fiber and antioxidants.

Carly's Energy Shots Sampler Pack

Taste First

Whether you’re into tangy flavors or have a sweet tooth, one of our three flavors is meant to please your taste buds; Blood Orange Mandarin, Ginger Citrus or Mixed Berry Hibiscus will all deliver the brain juice you need to win back your day.

We believe Carly's is the best-tasting energy shot of all time!"

Your product is TRULY EPIC! You get the same energy as an energy drink, without the B.S. It’s extremely suitable for an entrepreneur like me who works a lot.

- BJÖRN Frantzen