About Carly's

In a world where everything is possible, Carly has a dream of crossing the Atlantic in her own airplane. She knows it will take time but she works hard, day and night, to make her wish come true. Progressing step by step, inch by inch - Carly was all about winning the day.  

Our energy shots were inspired by Carly, whom Chris Hanell, one of the founders and former golf pro, met while taking flying classes in the south of Sweden. Her vibrant personality, perseverance, raw energy and exceptional focus are the superpowers anyone should have when enjoying Captain Carly’s Energy Shots. 

  • Henric Persson Chris Hanell Founders

    winter 2017

    First seed is planted on January 26 2017 at Italiano Papa

  • Carly's Energy Shots Factory

    spring 2018

    First Carly's Energy Shots manufacturer visit

  • Carly's Energy Shots Founders

    spring 2018

    Carly's founding Team: Andy, Chris and Henric!

  • Carly's Energy Shots Retail

    fall 2018

    Launch in 7-Eleven in Sweden!

  • Carly's Energy Shots Marketing

    winter 2019

    Launch campaign in Stockholm with Google!

  • Carly's Energy Shots Retail


    Launch at ICA: Sweden’s premier grocery chain!

  • Carly's Energy Shots Retail


    Campaign with Nordic Wellness: the #1 fitness chain in the Nordics!

  • Carly's Energy Shots USA


    California! A dream becomes reality.

  • Carly's Energy Shots Expo West USA

    Winter 2022

    Chris Hanell at Expo West in California