Meet Carly

As an adventurer, Carly is always looking for the next-best-thing. Just like you, Carly wanted energy, without the crash. So she dreamt up Carly’s Energy Shot — an energy shot that packs a powerful punch and tastes delicious. Our 100% plant-based shots provide you with a great-tasting and long-lasting combination of three sources of caffeine, vitamins and nutrients with cognitive benefits for better focus, prebiotic fiber and antioxidants.

In a world where anything is possible, Carly is here to break barriers.

Now Available in the US

Carly's is a Swedish based company that is taking the US by storm. Launching in the US was a dream come true, it's only up from here!

About carly's

Our energy shots were inspired by Carly, whom one of the founders met while taking flying classes in the south of Sweden.

Her vibrant personality, perseverance, raw energy and exceptional focus are the superpowers anyone should have when enjoying Captain Carly’s Energy Shots.

We developed Carly’s to be intentionally packed with no-nonsense ingredients that prioritize your mind and body's well-being. Our Focus Blend, specifically formulated with scientifically backed vitamins and nutrients will keep you sharp and healthy in the long run, without the crash.

Not only do our energy shots deliver on performance, but they are also renowned for their outstanding taste. In fact, we proudly claim it to be the best-tasting energy shot of all time.

Where will she go next?

Carly has her sight set on exploring the solar system. Her eyes are set on Mars as her first stop! After flying over the Atlantic Ocean and back, she’s ready for her next thrill.

Supplemented by Carly's Energy Shot, the solar systems the limit for Carly.


Together we have planted over 3,500 trees which have created 500,000lbs of CO2 offset.